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What does Q-Board One stand for?

Q - in Q-Board One stands for quality.
Board - describes the central control platform that Q-Board One offers you to record and manage this quality.
One - stands for being part of BeOne Stuttgart GmbH and our extensive specialist expertise.

Why does the use of Q-Board One pay off financially?

Quality has its price - but the price will definitely be higher if your clients turn their backs on you due to quality issues and sign future contracts with your competitors. Q-Board One enables you to set new standards in your service quality. By understanding the attributes of current and past service levels, you can identify trends and use them for future planning.

In addition, there are positive side-effects: You can reduce the amount of manual work required, as Q- Board One is highly automated.

Does Q-Board One serve to manage service contracts (SLA's)?

Yes, service management is a central component of Q-Board One. Service contracts (and here both the concrete metadata and the
physical contract files (e.g. PDF and Excel/Word) are mapped and managed in Q-Board One) form the essential basis for comparing incoming information (actual data) with contract agreements (target data from contracts), deriving results and presenting them in different forms.

In which sectors can Q-Board One be used?

Q-Board One can be used in any sector.
All types of contracts and agreements, or services, can be represented in Q-Board One.
From a financial institution's contract with an IT service provider to a service agreement between an insurance company and its general agents or sales representatives,
contracts between automotive groups and service providers, up to cross-departmental agreements.
Anything is possible within a company. The most varied types of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be visualised.

Does Q-Board One provide an analysis/reporting solution?

Yes - and there are several of them:

     Standard reports:
Can be specifically assigned to users, so that they can be sent by e-mail to the defined recipients at the specified time.
The creation date of standard reports can be flexibly defined. It is also possible to distribute the report workflow-supported and via release instances.
IMPORTANT: To ensure that the documentation of the report dispatch is audit-proof, a mail copy can be created to a defined address, as well as a
standard report with corresponding shipping information.

     Download area:
Reports can be stored in the Download Area. With a preview option, as well as the ability to quickly and conveniently
download various document types (pdf, xlsx, docx), the download area is easy and intuitive to use.

The specially developed Q-Board One Dashboard is aimed at users who prefer a more visual representation.
Among other things, it serves as a representative presentation. Results can be depicted quickly and flexibly in a wide variety of formats.
Generated and displayed (prepared chart types). Settings can be changed, and visualisation displayed conveniently via the user interface (editing functions depending on user permissions).

Which data (type, quality) can I integrate?

All structured data can be used. The form in which the data is loaded depends on several factors. For example: security, nature of the interface, output format. Generally, the data can be transferred to Q-Board One in the form of a database link, JSON, RESTAPI, csv, xml or Excel. All data first ends up in a staging area and from there is subsequently processed according to the defined business rules.

Is Q-Board One a classic service management tool (ITIL suite)?

Q-Board One was originally developed as an expert tool for the pinnacle in ITIL Service Level Management and still is.
If your ITIL suite does not meet 100% of your specific Service Level Management requirements, Q-Board One is 100% right for you.

Beyond this, Q-Board One is also well-suited for other Service Quality Management tasks. Take a look at the wide range of possible applications in the solutions area or talk to one of our experts. We will find a solution!

When does it make sense to use Q-Board One?

Wherever the manual effort for "measuring, weighing, counting and distributing" reaches its limits, i.e. when the scaling of an existing solution is no longer sufficient. Talk to our business analysts about when it pays for you to switch to Q-Board One. We would be happy to carry out a non-binding ROI calculation with you.

How can Q-Board One support me with matters such as VAIT and BAIT?

Demands for IT transparency by the Supervisory Requirements for IT in Insurance Companies (VAIT) and by the Supervisory Requirements for IT in Financial Institutions (BAIT), as well as increased documentation requirements and monitoring measures in the IT environment, present many insurance companies and banks with major challenges. Implementation does not generally require a transition period, so we strongly recommended that all such companies act swiftly and put their IT to the test.

Due to the new requirements of VAIT/BAIT, IT is increasingly assuming the role of an internal service provider with defined service levels

Many of the requirements are based on the notion of how well or less well certain processes and services (resulting from a process) are performed and demand a managed process to rectify any deficiencies.

Likewise, certain IT operation risks can be associated with a service or process that delivers services as a result. By defining threshold values, it can be determined at any time when a risk will occur or threatens to occur.

Q-Board One provides you with an easy-to-use tool for defining services, setting service levels and monitoring the quality of services provided, as well as initiating pre-defined actions when SLAs are violated.

With Q-Board One, compliance with the requirements can be presented as a central platform under "one roof" and is therefore a clear aid for BaFin audits.

How can Q-Board One help me with matters such as the "Critical Infrastructure Protection Regulation"?

Following adoption of the "BSI-KritisV" (Ordinance on the Determination of Critical Infrastructures under the BSI Act), operators of critical infrastructures, as defined by the IT Security Act, are obliged to

  • designate a point of contact
  • report IT disruptions
  • implement state-of-the-art technology
  • and to demonstrate this to the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) every two years

Q-Board One has made it its task not only to detect and document IT disruptions (Service Level Management), but also to go one step further: automated action processes are initiated and tracked via downstream action tracking, so that you can check at any time whether the initiated action was sustained.




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