Q-Board One

Service quality management is a complex task

  • Transparent and efficient contract and SLA management
  • Service key figures for each business area, their sources and automated processes
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Automated service reporting and continuous quality assurance
  • Straightforward and prompt communication of all relevant service key figures and qualities
  • Monitoring of quality data (qualitative, quantitative, financial)


With the corresponding effort, it is possible to master all these challenges manually for a certain amount of time and for a limited volume.
However, there is always room for improvement - of any kind (CIP).

Q-Board One supports you in reducing manual activities, eliminating automation gaps and complying with documentation requirements.


Q-Board One Dokumenten Manager

Single-Point-of-Control - all relevant documents (Office format, PDF, etc.) can be stored in Q-Board One. If another document system is already in use (e.g. Sharepoint), links to the original documents can also be stored in Q-Board One.
This means that ALL relevant documents are accessible, regardless of their location.



Additional metadata can also be included e.g.

  • Validity of the document
  • Verification date
  • Notice date
  • Renewal date



Q-Board One provides an individual alarm function to ensure that none of these dates are missed and that requested notifications are sent. In addition, working documents (quantity lists, presentations, overviews, calculations, etc.) can be attached to the main document so that all relevant information is available in one place.


Q-Board One Reporting BUS-System

The Q-Board One Reporting BUS is a standardised interface to load various external reporting data (csv, json, restapi, xml) in a standardised and automated way.

Once set up, the data is automatically loaded, aggregated and distributed according to a schedule in a time-controlled and targeted manner. In addition, various quality gates can be inserted in the form of approval workflows.

This allows seamless monitoring - from data delivery to the delivery of an automatically generated report.


Q-Board One Reporting Center

The Reporting Control Centre is the Q-Board One reporting repository. All report templates are managed here. The Preview view can be used to check the quality of a template when checked in. In addition to enterprise reporting, you can also set up individual self-service subscriptions here.




Q-Board One provides a standard process for report release.
In this process, there are two quality gates to take into account before a time-controlled, generated report is sent to a recipient (client, management).



In addition to the process described above, other individual processes can of course be defined:

  • SLA/contract creation process (e.g. with roles involved: department, legal, management).
    Based on the decisions made, a PDF is automatically generated at the end of the process.
  • SLA/contract scheduling process: if runtimes are stored, the process can also be triggered automatically.
  • Action tracking: automatic tracking if quality targets have not been met.