Service Quality –Telefon analytics

“Don't leave your clients in the lurch”

In most companies, up to 30 percent of all calls go unanswered. It is either engaged or nobody picks up.
Important clients and business partners do not like being "parked" in a queue. There is a risk of losing clients and therefore money. Not to mention the loss of reputation.

This begs the question:

  • When do most clients call?
  • How long do they have to wait and how best to plan resources for peak times?

The easiest way to sustainably increase availability is a targeted evaluation of the telephone data.
With Q-Board One Telephone Analytics, you can see peak demands, loss rates and waiting times on clear dashboards, allowing you to optimally plan your employee allocation.



  • How many calls are lost in your department each day?
  • How many clients do not manage to reach support?
  • When is the loss rate particularly high?

You don’t know?
Then you can't do anything about it.
The continuous and long-term analysis of successful, lost and engaged calls provides a meaningful overview of the entire company's telephone behaviour as well as that of
individual departments.


Don’t just rely on your instinct...

... get hold of the facts. With Q-Board One Telephone Analytics you can evaluate the telephone data of your company, your department and your team.
Within seconds and at the push of a button. All data is prepared and displayed on user-friendly dashboards.

Q-Board One guarantees sustainable success, as the results of the measures introduced can be instantly viewed in the updated service quality.

Standard key figures:

  • Calls successful/ unsuccessful/ missed
  • Service level reached (percentage of calls answered within 20 seconds)
  • Average duration of phone calls
  • Average waiting time for callers
  • Display according to weekdays & times
  • And much more