Q-Board One is a standardised software for Service Quality Management.
The software allows you to measure your service quality, continuously optimise it and avoid problems.

What does this mean in practice?

According to our definition, a service - external or internal, is provided to ensure business objectives are achieved.
A service includes the agreement, metrics to gauge the degree of fulfilment and
the quality achieved, i.e. the value of the service and the costs of providing it.

Q-Board One provides the central platform for your company to monitor and evaluate your services.





The quality of a service is defined by a number of quantifiable parameters.
Q-Board One already includes the most important as standard:



Performance describes the existence of features and prerequisites that are necessary to achieve a positive and stable result in the long term.



Reliability is the ability of a service to function as agreed and without restrictions.



Availability demonstrates the ability to deliver an agreed service over a defined time period.


Reaction time

Reaction time describes the time period between the receipt of a service-relevant error message and the initiation of troubleshooting by performing an error analysis.


Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement comprises the agreed performance, reaction time and availability between two parties and their respective specifications.



Profitability describes the ratio of turnover to expenditure for a certain reference period, related to efficiency or productivity.


Service Quality Management

“With Q-Board One you have continuous control over your service quality”

Reliable and value-added management of your services with Q-Board One:

What is Service Quality Management?

  • Service Quality Management deals with the exact tracking of service commitments between two parties.

  • It uses defined parameters to determine whether the performance commitment has been fulfilled.

  • The continuous, automated monitoring of parameters and their results allows concrete conclusions to be drawn about the provision of services.

  • The transparency achieved in this way makes a decisive contribution to long-term improvement in the provision of services.

Why Service Quality Management?

  • It is necessary wherever agreements on the provision of services are made and where these are then to be measured and evaluated.

  • It is necessary wherever a transparent and agreed understanding of the services to be provided is required and/or helpful.

  • It serves to continuously improve the quality of services (and thus lead to cost savings).

  • Audit-proof evidence of compliance with legal requirements (e.g. from BAFin - the German Financial Supervisory Authority).

Example screens

Main Dashboard
Service Levels
Dashboard "customer satisfaction"


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